“Trust is earned, not given. I appreciate the opportunity to earn yours.”



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My Client Testimonials

    Scott has been there when I've bought and there when I've sold. He has earned my trust. If you are looking for a professional team that you can trust to get the job done right the first time (and with a friendly smile--and hat!--to boot), give Scott & Kristin a call. Not only did they get my house sold quickly, they were there every step of the way going above and beyond and treating my house like their own. I can't tell you how relieved I felt to hear them say "We've got this." They're exactly what you hope an agent will be.

    Brandie 2018

     I am so grateful to have had you in my court. Your local knowledge of the unique challenges and solutions in the area were invaluable to me as I negotiated a sometimes arduous, anxious path in the sale of my home. Your motto is 'Trust is earned, not given,' and you certainly worked hard to earn my trust. As a result, I am now happy and content on my little porch by the river. 

    Feel free to use any of this as a recommendation on your website. For sure, your support was a huge factor in getting through the whole process.

    Keep in touch and head this way anytime.

    Take care,


    After the loss of my mother in March, my husband and I reached out to Scott Bullard regarding the sale of her house.  We chose Scott for several reasons – we knew him from our neighborhood, appreciated his donations to families in our area of time and resources. Scott had worked with us on some interventions with builders he represented; we felt he was a honest and honorable man.  Although my mother’s home was located over an hour’s drive from Briarcliff, Scott immediately set out to get the listing in place, helping us to understand the process and providing care and support of the loss and challenges we faced with the estate.

    The property was an older home in north Austin with a lot of challenges; throughout the entire sales process Scott was flexible and ensured our requirements were understood by all buyers and realtors.  He stayed involved with us during multiple offers and provided knowledgeable guidance regarding pricing and contract negotiations. Scott’s worked with other realtors and buyers but never pushed us to make rush decisions or made us feel pressured to make pricing adjustments as negotiations progressed.  He successfully negotiated the final contract meeting all estate requirements closing the sale within 60 days of listing despite the challenges he faced with the property.

    We can’t imagine going through the process with anyone other than Scott – he was a friend, a professional and a source of strength when estate challenges came our way.  We will always consider Scott a good friend and would strongly recommend him professionally to any of our family or close friends.  We came away from this experience feeling very lucky he agreed to work with us as he is a honorable man and realtor and was just what we needed to go through the process during such a stressful and painful time.

    Charles & Rene’ Reagan

    21937 Briarcliff Drive Spicewood Texas 78669

    Thank you so much for all you did for us! You have a special gift in real estate and were a pleasure to work with. Your advice on staging our house not only helped for a quick sale, but it also put us way ahead in preparing for our move! You have a great eye for looking at a home and property and knowing how to maximize it’s potential and your advice and suggestions were always given in positive encouraging ways. Love your humor by the way! As we’ve moved across country, we’ve been in touch with other agents and thought you’d like to know that you stand out as Exceptional. We so appreciate your honesty, your knowledge of the area, the trends, and the local information that is needed to make informed decisions… You had answers to our questions or pointed us to those who could help us and went out of your way to make our transition go as smoothly as possible. You even offered to come and help us! Thank you. The only downside is that we wish we’d known you earlier! Everything went so quickly and we really enjoyed getting to know you and having you as a new friend… Let’s keep in touch! Thank you for listening to our concerns on finding the right agent in our new area and for researching and finding a great one for us…again, you went out of your way.

    Thanks again for your part in making our move a great experience!

    Mark & Valerie Marsteller

Scott Bullard is not only an honest hard working realtor, which is rare these days, but he is a very good person.  A person that I consider a good friend.

When my husband and I met Scott, he showed us all around the Briarcliff area, giving us valuable advice that helped us make the right decision.  When we saw a lot that we really liked, it was not listed for sale.  Scott took it upon himself to find and locate the owners then negotiate the sale of the lot on his own time.  He drew up the papers and set up the closing with the title company without charging us.  He introduced us to the builder who had recently built some houses in the area that appealed to us.  When we started building the house, we were living in Houston and could not be in Briarcliff all of the time.  Scott kept us regularly informed of what was going on and sent us pictures too.  He even kept us informed about what was going on in the community.

After the house closed, we thought that we may not see Scott much.  We were wrong. When the house was finished and we started to move in, we found that we had forgotten several tools that we needed to set up our new home.  On several occasions, Scott came to the rescue loaning us his tools. 

So in addition to being an honest hard working realtor, a very good person and a good friend, Scott is an awesome neighbor.  They don't make 'em like Scott anymore.  I hope my husband and I will enjoy our relationship with Scott for a long, long time.

Karen F. Breedlove, CPL

In August 2005 we desperately needed to sell our house, we had upgraded to a larger house due to my wife’s daycare business. Our plans to quickly move and sell the old house did not materialize. After several months of double payments, Cancer treatments and lots of prayers my wife and I were distressed, that we could lose the new house due to double payments and medical bills. We changed realtors and we met Scott, a strong brother in Christ. The next few weeks we received several offers for our house. Then when our finances were about to run out, our prayers and Scotts were answered. The house was sold and closed on December 1 2005.

 I want to personally thank Scott for his prayers, helping to get the few items fixed in the house. Most of all the support he gave in his Christian love attitude toward my wife and I.

Sincerely, Rick & Lisa Carlson


It is with great pleasure and gratitude that Tom and I write this letter of thanks and recommendation for anyone seeking a truly honest, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, yet personable, and just about the best realtor anyone could hope for. 

Scott’s slogan, “Trust is earned not given.  I appreciate the opportunity to earn yours”, is truly just how he operates.  We were first introduced to Scott by the website he prepares and sends to everyone with an email address in Briarcliff.  The website is extremely informative, and yet it has a personal side to it that lets you get to know your neighbors and what’s going on in Briarcliff.  Tom and I were so impressed by they way he made us feel the first time we met with him.  His Christian faith in people and the way he works with his clients says a lot about the kind of man he is.

His marketing strategy to get our home sold worked beautifully and he sold our home within ten days of listing it! Once we had decided that Scott was the realtor for us he immediately started taking pictures of our home and had the signs and brochures in our yard before the day was done.  He followed up with all the showings and kept us informed as to what the status was. 

Working with Scott was extremely easy and we both looked forward to seeing him walk through the front door or just visiting with him in the yard.  Not only is Scott extremely professional, you also immediately know you have met someone you will want to have a personal friendship with.  He takes pride in his work and you will take pride in knowing he was your realtor.

We have made a friend for life and whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone needing to buy or sell a home.

Most sincerely,

Tom & Rita Jackson

 Scott recently listed and sold a Lake House on Lake LBJ which has been in my family for 50 years. The transaction required Scott to navigate through 7 family members each with a different idea of how the house should be priced and once an offer was made the subsequent ideas of how to counter. I can say with all honesty that Scott was more than patient and capable and as a result the transaction went as smoothly as can be expected. We had a cash offer the 2nd day the house was listed and closed the transaction within 45 days; all I can say is ‘Thanks’ Scott. I would recommend Scott without hesitation. Thanks again Scott, I appreciate your Professionalism and would work with you again in a heart beat. Sincerely, Glen.

Thank you Scott,

 The process of buying our home was very nice.  We appreciated everything you did for us. Yes, we will and have passed your name to friends.  Thank you again, Cheryl & Tracy Kaspar


I have been meaning to write you. I can't believe I waited so long!

What can I say but Thank You.

Pat and I have bought and sold many properties during our years of marriage. I have never worked with a realtor that was so honest and in tuned to our needs.

You were there to help through the difficult move with Pat's illness, even moving my plants, that would have been left.

God certainly led you to the right profession. You are helping so many others and I know you will be blessed.


Donna & Pat Rich


I live in Charlotte, NC. and called approximately 2 weeks ago and asked you to list my lot in Travis County.  We are expecting to close in less than a week!  Wow, I heard you were good, but this exceeded my expectations…and the selling price was near the asking prices, too.  I spoke with the closing company and all the paper work is being emailed to me.  I will print them and have them notarized and mail them in the enclosed UPS package.  I want to thank you again for your professionalism and desire to represent me as well as you did.  It was a pleasure getting to know you and when I decide to sell my other lot, I will most certainly use you again.  Please feel free to use this letter to express to other readers my complete satisfaction with Scott Bullard.

 I've been in my house in Cedar Park for over a year, now and just love it.  Very quiet neighborhood, friendly (but not too nosy neighbors!)
Scott spent days and days driving me around several areas, trying to find just the right place for me. He provided me with places that I could look at and read about online and then he had them mapped out so that we could see them.  He pointed out things that were objectionable, that I would not have noticed, until I was living there. His patience was seemingly limitless.
He was very honest and forthright about areas that he thought were unsuitable---that perhaps looked as though they were on the way down and would probably have a lot of "rentals"  very soon. 
I'm so content here, that I don't plan to ever move again, but if I did, Scott would be my agent.  I know that he can be trusted to have his clients' best interest as his main aim.  "Making the deal" is not his main concern, but having a satisfied customer seems to be his goal.
A very satisfied client,
Betty Allen

Customers of Scott Bullard,

 My husband and I met Scott after having four very poor experiences with real estate agents in the area. Our weekend house had been up for sale with these other agents for fourteen months with few showings and only one offer, and our frustration level was extremely high. Not one of the previous agents had fulfilled our expectations of determining the appropriate price for the home, marketing it well to viable buyers and agents, keeping flyers stocked, maintaining the web sites and most importantly, keeping us informed. This last point was stressed with each agent, and all had failed at least three times to contact us within 48 hours after a request for information. Our patience had run out with our situation and with realtors in general.

 We explained to Scott that we were looking for an agent that would be realistic in an assessment of the house and current circumstances, provide us with options and recommendations, and agree to communicate with us weekly (or more often when the situation called for it). We understood that it would not be pleasant to come in after other agents and make the listing fresh again after so much time, and told Scott he was at a significant disadvantage with our current mistrust and skepticism of the industry.

 Scott's response was quite characteristic, as we found out later. "Leave the worrying and details to me. We'll get this house sold." His confidence, sincerity and personal faith showed us he was the right agent for us. Scott quickly got the listing and web site information under control, and provided excellent advice. He kept the signs and flyers up, did some maintenance (cobwebs on the front porch, caulking in the shower and the roof), legwork (survey copies and floor plan maps for the closing), repairs (scheduled, negotiated pricing and let in the carpet cleaners the buyers wanted), and even went and mowed the yard prior to a showing when we were out of town (we had 2 acres).

 At one point when a pending contract failed, I called Scott in tears. He simply told me he'd be at the house in 45 minutes (he lives an hour away). When he got there, our family sat down at the kitchen table with him and prayed. Scott asked for blessings on the house, our family and his abilities, and put the situation in God's hands. Then he asked us to give him our burden; his shoulders were broad enough to take it. We were quite moved by Scott's selflessness, poise and dedication during that dark time.

 We have already recommended Scott to one friend selling his property, and will do so with anyone looking for a realtor (buying or selling). We will certainly use Scott again when we need an agent. Finding someone with integrity that you can trust is essential; we have that with Scott. And he is a friend now too!


Dan & Karen Weyant - Georgetown Texas

To future home/property buyers and sellers:
My father willed me a property in Austin when he passed away many years ago and I sold it.  I spent the next 5 years "sort of" looking around for a lake front property and then I met Scott Bullard.  Scott helped me decide what I was looking for, helped me find a price range and off we went to look for all the properties that fit my needs.  We found the one that was perfect and I bought it.  The whole process was painless.  It was like looking at property with an old friend.  Now the good stuff starts:  I showed up one Saturday and Scott was drilling weep holes in the house because the inspection and called for it.   He has helped me find people to repair the dock, install a gate and on and on and on.  I'm not living there yet, and get embarrassed to keep calling him but he sincerely never seems to mind.  I am a surgeon and don't make recommendations lightly, but would highly recommend anyone to Scott Bullard.
John Marsden, M.D.-----

 Can you give me the name of a realtor who will go house hunting for clients while they are in another city, take pictures of the houses and call on the cell phone with a “play by play” of each room?

Can you give me the name of a realtor who will go to the clients’ house after the closing and clean up trash in the yard (because the seller wouldn’t)?

No?  Well, we can….Scott Bullard!

When we decided to make the move to Austin, our realtor in Dallas referred Scott to us.  Robert had to remain in Dallas to sell the house and I came to Austin to begin my new job.  When we received a contract on our house in Dallas, I contacted Scott and we began our first (of many) house hunts!  From the second, I met Scott, I knew we had a winner!  What a personality, sense of humor, lover of the job and of life!  Unfortunately that contract fell through so we had to put a hold on the hunt.  After two more months, our house finally sold, and, of course, there was a quick turnaround involved, so we went into fast gear, and Scott was ready.  It was a bumpy road and, yes, Scott did go to several houses while we were in Dallas, and give us information over the phone, take pictures and send to us via email. Three houses and four contracts later (yes, we put two offers on the same house), we finally purchased a home in Austin.  Now, we are not only semi-settled in Austin, but have a great friend for life!

Looking for a “never too busy” realtor?  Two words…Scott Bullard!

Thanks, Scott for your help, your time, and your friendship!

Maggie & Robert Heermans - Austin, Texas

Dear Scott,

Our family would like to thank you for all that you did for us as our agent. You went above and beyond all expectations we had from a realtor. Selling a home you love is bitter-sweet, but you made the experience a pleasure. We value you as a professional and as a friend. Thank you again for everything. God bless you.


The Maupin Family - Lakeway, TX

Hi Scott,

I have been meaning to write a letter to thank you for all you have done for us. It has never been so easy to sell and buy a house!!! Besides being friendly and professional (and an awesome cookie maker!) you are like family to us. Only a family member would not only attend all inspections, viewings, and closings but also drop everything at a moment's notice to let in contractors, appraisers, floor installers, and even mother-in-laws and clients trying to match paint to rooms (no, we didn't choose the "Pepto Bismol" shade of pink). I'll never forget you meeting us before we left for work one morning to sign papers and my mother-in-law coming over to baby sit that day. She said, "I knew you said you would be like family, but gosh!" Paul and I were proud to recommend you to his sister, Cindi, who has also found a home and put an offer on it thanks to your help and dedication. We would gladly refer you to anyone who wanted a friendly realtor to get the job done for them.

With Much Appreciation,

Lori Riley

My agent Scott will be my life long agent and friend.  He really heard what our needs were for a house and found us our dream home!  Scott made the whole process fun and effortless. I am truly amazed with all his research that saved us so much time. He stayed in contact with us from beginning to end and took care of every detail.

I will recommend him to all my friends. It was truly a pleasure!

Kathy Hegar, Austin, TX

 Our first time going out I remember Scott calling us the night before and he asked us what we kind of soda we liked to drink, which seemed odd to us, but we told him and thought nothing more about it.  The next afternoon we met Scott and all loaded up into his truck and headed toward the first house.  Scott had put a cooler in the truck with our favorite soda in it, which was very thoughtful and then he handed us a binder that had a colored picture of each house that we were going to look at and a pen for us to make notes on concerning each house.  This was a nice personal touch as it allowed us to see what he saw on the report of the house at the same time.

 As we continued on looking, we became very comfortable with Scott as he was always watching out for the good deals and steering us clear of the bad ones.  Scott proved to us in the short time we worked with him that he is one of those few Realtor’s that are left that actually go the extra mile and maybe a few more just to make sure that the best house and deal are made for his clients. He made us feel like we were his only clients and the personal touches with the drinks and the print outs of each house were way above and beyond what I’ve seen any other Realtor do for a client.

 On a personal note; Scott is a very loyal Christian who trusts the Lord and lives his life accordingly.  This unwavering faith he has is the one quality that made us feel more comfortable talking about our finances and everything else that buying a home brings into the picture that we knew he would keep it confidential.

 Anyone would be very lucky to allow him to find them their new home or sell their home.  We know that Austin will very soon have a lot of happy New Home Owners thanks to the personal touches and honesty of Scott Bullard.  We truly miss him and wish him the best of luck.


Patty & Scott Schroy

Rowlett, Texas

 I wanted to drop a note on the great experience I had with Scott Bullard.  I sold a lot in Kingsland.  Scott did a very effective job at market analysis and worked with me to price the lot competitively and found the right buyer.  Scott is someone of integrity and will not stop working for you until he has found the right deal for you.  I would highly recommend Scott for any of your buying or selling needs.  I am still utilizing Scott to help me find a lake home.  He will take care of you and will provide not just good service but FANATICAL service.

Best Regards, Ron - Round Rock, TX



 It was such a pleasure to work with you.  Thanks so much for the patience yesterday working out the closing.  John and Angela are so excited and were very thrilled with all Jeff left for them at the house.  In fact, Angela asked if you have a address for Jeff.  She wanted to send him a thank you. 

With every transaction I have learned something.  This one was no exception.  First I met a great agent to work with who has given me such good advise.  Much appreciated.

 What are the odds for two Spicewood agents to sell a home Cedar Park? Hum.   I always believe that God puts people in your life for a reason.  Even if we never have the opportunity to sell another home together.  I will always remember how easy and great you made Angela and John’s first home purchase.  Call or stop our office if you are in the area.  We can have lunch at Opies.

Have a wonderful day!



It was a pleasure working with you on the Sinclair transaction. Your professionalism, work ethics, and patience were greatly appreciated and helped to make my job a bit easier. I look forward to working with you on future transactions.


If you've gotten all the way to the bottom of this page, you understand how passionate I am about helping people. I believe that a friend made is far more valuable than any dollar I will ever earn.